Lame tide-you-over blog post.

A few photos to keep you entertained until I have anything something interesting to say.

I feel as though I've moved from Texas (where everything is HUGE) to "normal" (where everything is normal sized).  Take for example our new neighbour, Steve. He's mighty small, but very bouncy.

Steve at the compost.  This is his favourite munching and snacking venue.  He has been observed eating coffee grounds. Zoom!

Considering we live quite a distance from any neighbour aside from Steve, I was surprised to see kitty footprints here the other day.  I have seen a black cat on the property, but don't know if it's a stray.  Laura doesn't want a cat anyways.  And I swore I'd never have one again...
Wasn't set up to capture a sunset so it's a pretty poor representation of the beauty that evening.

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