Nova Scotia, where time mysteriously disappears.

I don't know what it is about Nova Scotia, but I am ALWAYS late.

This is not something I like about myself, and I am usually very cognizant of time. I learned this in childhood, when my father was frequently late, VERY late. It was further refined when I was in the military - the saying goes, "ten minutes early is five minutes late".  Then I was a municipal bus driver for over a year where my 8 hour day was broken down into excruciating 3 minute intervals.

So what's my point?

I know I don't wear a watch, but sheesh... it seems that I can't even keep track of the days. I didn't realize today was Wednesday, I completely missed the fish-guy. Every second Wednesday at noon, at the local convenience store.  Kookum even sent me an email reminder this morning. I said I'd be there with bells on.  My bells got no jingle!

On the up side, I had a great conversation with John - from whom I purchased 17lbs of beef.

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