It's never easy to do... but the worst of it was done on Sunday.

Yesterday was meat cutting day at Mooshum and Kookum's.   We covered and hung the pig on Sunday morning and it has been in the rafters of their walk-out for four days.  Normally Mooshum hangs the meat in the tractor shed, but our temperatures have been anywhere from -12 to +12 and it could have frozen solid.  The temperature in the walk-out, however, hovers around +3 (the perfect temperature), so that's where it hung and that's where we worked today.

Tim, the local butcher arrived late morning and set to work turning a beautiful creature in to beautiful food, all the while leading the blind (speaking for myself) in a lesson on meat cutting.  At one point, Tim handed me his metal glove and knife and allowed me some hands-on experience.  With my eyeballs so close to his work, I'm sure it was a relief for him to have me working rather than spectating - don't ever fool yourself, a butcher's knife is sharper than a razor.  And as you can see, he's a hand-talker so it was also a bit of a relief for me to have the knife!

Tim, in teaching mode (ha! it looks like he's being watered!).
Talking about where the loin ends and the ham begins.
At the meat saw, with uncovered side right foreground.
Beautiful meat, ready to be cut into chops.
All in a morning's work - blade, centre, loin chops and a nicely fatted roast, ready for the oven.
Because there has been so much interest in the pork, Mooshum and Kookum are considering having a couple more pigs next year.  The meat is delicious - fed on a wee bit of hog ration and the fat of the land. 

It's an amazing learning experience to watch from start to finish, and a long cry from the foam backed slabs shilled at the supermarket - healthier for our bodies and a life and death free from stress and pain.

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