Water, water everywhere!

It is raining cats and dogs here today.  I wish I'd brought my Grundens, as my pants are soaked up to my waist from a wee walk down to the not-so-babbling brook!  I think I'll invest in one of their coats, as the quality can't be beat!

The hurricane, continued...

From what I understand, there's been quite a bit of devastation and a few deaths in the US.  How much more can that country handle?


The hurricane...

I'm not up to speed on what happened in the US, but my night last night was hardly remarkable.  A bit of a breeze and a bit of mist, but this morning it is 15 degrees here. I was out having a bird-bath in my t-shirt...


A house is not a home... (yet)

I'm writing from Timmy's with free wi-fi and battery power, so this will be a brief post.  I'll post photos and some thoughts once we get some power and our own connection!


Oromocto ho!

So, here we are in New Brunswick. It is such a relief to be out of the US - Canada is home and I know that if anything were to go wrong, we'd be taken care of. All of the people we met on our travels have been very nice, but it's always nicer to be home.


Has it really come to this?

It is 3:30 am, and I am lying (laying? in a recumbent position) in a dry bathtub, with my computer, a bottle of orange Fanta, listening to my snoring mother.



We ride at dawn!

Alright... the truck isn't packed, the people aren't packed and the appropriate documents have not yet been drawn up.


Saying goodbye...

Tonight my sister organized a wee "going away/family/birthday" supper for us.  It was so nice to see family and friends all sitting around the table together.  Conversing in small groups, talking football, telling stories, laughing and sharing a meal was a very special opportunity to connect with the people who have loved me my whole life.


Psst... hey! We only live two miles away!

Canada's Most Beautiful Cottage Retreats

With the arrival of summer’s heat and humidity comes the great Canadian pastime - escaping to the cottage. Be spoilt for choice with these 10 gorgeous Canadian cottage country destinations.


Our orphaned little fridge...

Our fridge arrived in NS today.  The GC checked it over to make sure it was all good, signed for it and will store it at their warehouse.


A busy week has been planned.

Laura got an email from our GC this morning, indicating that the flooring will be delivered today and installed next week, along with the trim, kitchen and deck.  They are also going to finish the siding after the deck is up.  All of this means that the painting has been completed.


Season's first snow...

The weather report indicated we might get flurries last evening, and this morning we woke to a light dusting of snow.  No accumulation to really speak of, but exciting nonetheless.  Exciting that is, if you are a missing-one-tooth, four-almost-five year old.

The rest of us are just plain depressed.


Early birthday prezzies for me!

Earlier in the week I had forwarded a list of possible birthday presents to Laur, in case anyone asked for ideas.  Her reply was simple - "These are all work tools, honey".   Apparently I'm not supposed to ask for anything practical for my birthday...

The furnace...

The furnace has been on for a few days here on the prairie.  For contrast, I've been keeping a close eye on the weather in the valley.  While both locations are undoubtedly cooling off, especially after the high temps here in late September, it's obvious that the valley's temperatures are much less extreme.


Siding and getting ready for paint!

I love the days that we get update photos! It's a bit like Christmas - unwrapping and closely examining each picture, drinking in the changes.  With each update, it becomes easier to imagine myself standing right there.


A shout-out to MGSR!

Here's a shout-out to Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue - this is where Truman came from.

Fill 'er up!

Well, it's finally time to start daydreaming about furnishings and drapes.


A tremendous weight has been lifted...

At about 1pm this afternoon, the purchaser of the house dropped by with a document stating that the conditions of the sale had been lifted.