Sunday Drivers - not so interesting today...

Sunday Drivers was once again thwarted by the (apparent) weather.  Our plan was to head up to Annapolis Royal and spend some time on the grounds of Fort Anne and Fort Royal. However, when we did a check on the highway conditions the roads showed yellow - ice and snow covered.  I suspect they were actually quite decent, as the highway to Kentville/New Minas was perfectly clear and dry.

But rather than risk it, we went the other way to New Minas.  We had a few things to pick up, then enjoyed Chinese buffet for lunch.  We also bought a couple colouring books and a kindergarten work book for the boy.  He is now sitting at the coffee table, diligently working on his My Little Pony colouring and activity book.  Yeah, that's right, my son is a Brony!

After lunch, we came home and as a family we cut a few logs, brought them down to the house and stacked the smaller ones.  The larger ones are ready for me to split tomorrow.  Both Laur and the boy worked very hard and their efforts were appreciated!

Troodle and Aida also assisted and both are now fast asleep at opposite ends of the living room.

I wonder when Sunday Drivers is going to be able to get out again?

P.S.  I can't take it anymore - I shall be getting my hair cut tomorrow.Pfffft!

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