Look Ma! I made the real rocket from the macaroni prototype!

I've been working diligently on my pullover and am now at a forced stopping point.  For the first time ever (it seems that there are a lot of those for me in Nova Scotia), I used an entire spool of thread.  Because I'd rather not use anything but 100% nylon thread, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get some more.

In the mean time, here are some photos of the product - made from a Canadian Forces surplus wool blanket.  Anyone who has ever slept in barracks remembers these babies! It's not quite complete - I still have to finish the neck line and stitch the cuffs and bottom.  But, I'm quite pleased with the results nonetheless.

The Real Woolie Deal (and my toes).

Shoulder sewing detail.

The stripey bottom bit.

I think if I make another, I'll put the stripey bit in a different location.  Unlike many other military surplus blankets, the Canadian blankets have a stripe running right down the middle of the blanket rather than at each end. This made it difficult for me to use creatively.  Oh well, there is always next time!

I can't wait to use my canvas!

In other news, yesterday's temperatures ranged from -22 degrees at 430am, to +5 by afternoon. Crazy! Today it was up to +4, with tomorrow hovering around zero. I love this weather!  Once again we had to open the windows to let the sun's heat out of the place!

Also, Kubota has gotten everything straightened out with the tractor - not only did they change all the fluids and filters, but they swapped out the broken tail light, changed some burnt out fuses and replaced a couple wires on the back of the instrument panel.  I was so pleased to see the dash lights illuminate when I turned the key!  I now have a working fuel and temperature gauge, as well. 

Apparently when they sell a used tractor, the dealer doesn't do a maintenance on the unit.  The dealer said this is because many people do their own maintenance and want a real bare bones cost when buying a used unit. So, we apparently had a miscommunication when I asked them to give it a good "once over", expecting a full service because they sell the used tractors "as is" - gunky filters and all!

Anyways, they've made everything right by me and I'm pleased to have Bertie back and lookin' gud.  First thing I did was to finish up clearing the driveway - when she died there were very large piles of snow sitting right in the middle of the drive. Poor Gertie had to use 4 wheel drive just to leave the property!

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