By the time you read this, it will be too late...

I have a moral quandary.

After retrieving a load of wood from outside, I was tossing smaller pieces in the fire when I came across this guy.

Clinging for dear life to a piece of maple since the warmer fall days.  Do I end his life by fire, squash him, return him to the wood pile (it's -7 outside) or allow him to live out his days in the warmth of the house?

1134hrs Update

I put him on a wee shelf under the barbeque. It's sheltered, out of the snow and wind. 


  1. Wow this is info filled. Nice work, on the shirt, on the tractor and saving a life. You made the right choice. Gus must love the bus. Are you okay with his bus riding? What a thrill for him

  2. He loves the bus - in fact, it's only by threatening that the bus is going to drive by without him that we're able to get him to eat in the morning! Otherwise, he's piddling around until it's almost too late!