Time and tides wait for none.

Nothin' more inspirin' than the passage of time.  I guess it happens to all of us, but the Indigo Girls are not aging well. Of course, a teeny guitar doesn't help.


The news from Occidental Wobegon...

Truman-the-Pooman is feeling much better today.  In fact, he ate his breakfast with unusual gusto this morning.  The downside of living in the country is that we no longer have to pick up poops (some might say this is an up side), because of this I have no idea what's coming out their back ends - usually there are tummy upset clues contained in their waste.  Oh well, he's feeling better and that's all that matters.  He's currently laying in a pool of sunshine pouring through the front windows.


The Canine Expeditionary Force is on the move...

The CEF enlisted extraordinary measures last night, and a key stronghold fell to their highly persuasive powers of cuteness.


Sunday Drivers - the early edition

You asked for it, and now you have it!  Sunday Drivers took advantage of a beautiful Saturday in February and headed off into the wild blue yonder!


Water-proofing the anorak, part one.

Today I'm going to make some homemade water proofing for my brown canvas anorak. This will be a test run, to see if it's worth making a whole bunch or if I need to tweak the recipe.


Saturday night's alright for snowing, alright, alright, aaaaallllriiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Well folks, its Saturday and you know what that means...  There may not be a Sunday Drivers due to precipitation.  Weather dood-guy is calling for 20 cms of snow. I even copied his FB status so you know I'm not full of it!



Yeah, that's right, I'm doing crafts.  Yesterday, whilst waiting for the mail I took my "reusable tote" pattern for a test drive.


sewing, sewing, sewing... keep them doggies sewing, RAWHIDE!!!!

After waiting with great anticipation, I finally received my patterns from The Rain Shed.

Sunday Shovelers

Sunday Drivers was once again thwarted by the weather.  If you hadn't heard, a rather large storm blew threw yesterday and left us all buried. It's so hard to tell the total accumulation, as it would seem the wind blew it all the way to Nictaux.


Gird your loins, everyone.

We're in for it tonight - so the weather peeps are saying.  Thousands of weekend events have been cancelled throughout the province.  It's predicted that we'll get anywhere between 30-40cms of snow overnight, with winds up to 100km/hr.  They're calling it a blizzard, but because I'm still not up on Maritime parlance, I'll take that to mean that this is a different type of storm than a Nor'Easter. Temps will hover on the "good" side of -10 tonight and tomorrow, with plus temps next week!


The Worm.

There have been times in my life where I have completely fallen apart.  It is no exaggeration to say that Cluster Headaches and the chronic pain have at times almost completely destroyed me. As someone who suffers from cluster headaches, any treatment is preferable to no treatment.  If they are not somehow stopped, my bouts can last months.  And currently, very few reliable treatments (read: none) are available.  "The Worm" as I call it (others call it "The Demon" or "The Beast"), is tricky - while some treatments, medications and therapies might work once, most do not work at all.

Sunday Wan...erm, drivers.

Just a wee bit of a heads up - weather peeps are calling for a blizzard (Nor'easter? storm? Snow-nado? snow-phoon?) on Friday and Saturday - between 20-40cms is expected to fall.  People were talking about it already on Tuesday and I'm not sure how this happens.  Are they psychic?  Do Maritimers possess some sort of wildly accurate weather premonitions? Is there a some sort of super secret snow statement issued only to those with special  significance?

Or is it that they simply listen to the radio?

At any rate, we might not be driving on Sunday... again.


Paul Bunyan, redux.

School was cancelled yesterday, so the boy was home.  Good thing, too, because I took him to the hospital to get his wee foot checked out.  We were there for four hours, but the good news is that it's a soft tissue injury - the doc ordered some xrays and had a good look.  A bit of ibuprofen and some rest and he should be right as rain.


School cancelled (again).

I have never seen so much school cancelled. Perhaps that's because I grew up in the city?  In fact, the only time I remember school being cancelled was because it was too hot and the school was not air conditioned.  I think it was June of '89 or '90, when temperatures soared to 37/38 degrees. (when you say the date like that "oh, I think it was way back in the summer of '94" it makes you sound like an old-timer).


Sunday (not so driving) Drivers

I've been bombarded, absolutely bombarded, with texts from fans waiting for Sunday Drivers, so without further ado...


The elusive, western Nova Scotian, hearth-dwelling canid.

I don't know what kind of relationship Truman has with the fireplace, but clearly it's approaching "love".  The first time he saw the hearth (after the mason had installed it), he went running over to it and just stood there, on the hearth, expectantly.

Couple more prairie photos...

Near Ocean Man Reserve, SK