Margaretsville in March and the spirit of gratitude.

The early morning sun shines over the front yard.  The weather forecast said rain and chilly temps, so we were delighted to head out and enjoy some warm sunshine!
It was such a beautiful day yesterday so we went to the beach for some low-tide exploring.


Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue

As many of you know, I feel very strongly about adopting from shelters and rescues.  Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue is where we adopted Truman before we left Saskatchewan.  This rescue does such amazing work and their volunteer base is dedicated, compassionate and willing. 


Sunday Drivers

Once again Sunday Drivers was confined to property - not because of weather but rather by preference today.  Laur wanted to see what was left of the logs pulled down by Mooshum and I last week.  I've got 12 logs up at the logging road and another 6 on the landing below. There are so many more to drag at least to the landing; I'm not sure where we're going to put all the wood once it's cut!


A productive day

After boy's regular Saturday activities, he and Laur headed to the City to take my laptop in for warranty repairs (I am now using The Boy's tiny laptop!).  Whilst they were on the road, I took the opportunity to get some dangerous things done around the property.  I pulled a bit more wood off the slopes, dragged six very large logs to the top of the logging road and made two trips with the loader.



Yesterday Mooshum and I pulled a few trees off the slopes and down to the bottom of the hill.  I'm so glad we bought the winch - although it was expensive, it will pay for itself in time.  There was a hemlock tree which had been standing there for over a hundred years - they cut it and for some reason chose not to take it.  It's been laying there for a couple of years now and yesterday we managed to pull a small portion of it off the hill.  The bottom thirty feet are still stuck in place on the hillside and I will definitely get it once the frost lets go.


Anorak - Part Trois

I made a second Rain Shed Cacoule-type anorak, this time I modified the pattern to fit The Boy. His jacket is made from some bright yellow oilskin I bought from a local canvas repair shop.

Sunday Drivers - Special Edition

Today's episode of Sunday Driver's is brought you by the letter L and the number 40.  That's right, today is a very special birthday for a certain someone.  To celebrate, we had breakfast at McDonalds on our weekly journey out and about the Fundy Shore.



Yesterday we were out in short sleeves, today we have an inch and a half of snow on the deck rail.  Pfffffft! 


Happy Pi Day!

I stopped by Charlie's feed store today to change my Meat King chicken order.  I'd originally thought it would be a good idea to take delivery of the chicks in intervals.  That way I wouldn't feel overwhelmed with my first experience at processing time.  But I'd spread the deliveries way too far apart and Kookum raised a good point - better to take them all at once and have one big batch under a heat lamp than to take three smaller bunches and pay for three months of heat-lamp electricity.


Springing forward!

I've never really understood the whole time-change thing. Perhaps it's because I grew up in Saskatchewan, where we don't change the time for love nor money.  Perhaps it's because you get the same amount of daylight whether it's 5 am or 6am. Or maybe it's because it seems to screw up your circadian rhythm just a little bit.  But, it's never made sense to me.


Sunday Drivers

Sadly there was no Sunday Drivers this weekend.  We were busy working about the property all day, then went to Mooshum's and Kookum's for a fantastic supper!


Clan MacPhee

I have been doing research over the past few years on the Mac Phee name and have come across interesting tidbits of history. 

RIP Stompin' Tom

If you haven't heard of Stompin' Tom Connors, I'm not sure how you've managed to live this long.  Well, dust of your Wikipedia set and look him up. And when you're done doin' that, you can YouTube him and learn yourself a bit more about one of Canada's favourite sons.


What a day!

I'm sitting down, listening to a little Madeleine Peyroux, drinking a Tideview Premium Draught Apple Cider, grilling pork chops from Mooshum and Kookum while waiting for some PEI potatoes to finish roasting in the oven.   Fire's cracklin' and it's still light outside!

In the news...

I see I'm not the only one who has noticed all the tampon applicators.  CBC ran a story about them showing up in Black Rock, too.


Sunday Drivers

The weather was decent and the roads clear so we seized the opportunity and drove!


Two good things this week.

After only a couple weeks on the waiting list, we now have a family doctor. And, he's only a few kms away! AAAANNND, he's a brand-new doctor!  Although he may lack experience, I'm sure he'll be enthusiastic.  That's one bit of good news for us this week.