A vacation here at home!

It was plus 15 when we woke at 530 this morning and as of writing it's 16!  Laur has opened a couple of windows to let some air and humidity into the house.  All of us stood out on the deck this morning, hair tousling in the stiff breezes, marveling at the lovely weather.

Of course the snow has melted and it's been raining off and on since yesterday. This brings the indoor humidity up to 50% - I think this is what makes it feel downright tropical.  The humidity is a balm to desicated lungs and skin!

And the smell! The warm air has released the smell of soil, trees and plants and those delightful scents bring with them a reminder that spring is just around the corner!

We'll be back to -5ish temps tomorrow, but in the mean time it's easy for us to imagine we're enjoying a rainy, blustery day in a tropical paradise!

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