Sunday drivers

This week's Sunday drive was pre-empted by Mother Nature's party plans.  A little wind, a little snow and we're pretty much home for a couple days.  I've seen the DOT truck wander by a few times already, however we've no need to sally forth into the slippery unknown.  We therefore decided to go for a Sunday Sashay along the west side of the creek.

Along the creek is what the forest should look like (instead of the clear-cut mess farther up the hill) - it's grown from bare pasture over the last 45 years, and consists mostly of ash and maple, punctuated by a few spruce and fewer pine.  Of course, there's the odd hawthorn to keep us on our toes, but they are few and far between.

As soon as we stuck our heads out into the open at the south end of the property, we ducked back in to cover. During our walk the trees sheltered us from the wind winding wickedly through the open pasture.  We walked northward back to the house and discovered two nice areas for guest quarters or a tenting platform. They were christened Two Rock and Maple Grove respectively. Nice sheltered spots with good creek views and easy access to the house. At Maple Grove an ancient apple tree, which had long given up the ghost, stood watch over us as we all sat and listened.

Clicket-clackity-clack, the naked branches above our heads clashed and crashed above heads like embattled autumn antlers atop lusty bucks.  A most amazing sound, indeed.

Wee spruce weighed down by the sticky snow.
Trees damaged by the beavers.  Three dead poplars pierce the sky.

Baby fungi find a new home on the south wall of a dead young birch,
As usual, Truman went bananas running circles around us before setting off in search of mousey treasures.  He really seems to love the snow and will often ask to just hang out with me as I go about putting the shed together.  I don't yet trust him not to wander out on to the highway and would never forgive myself if anything were to happen, so I tether him to one of the rocks anchoring the shed.  He happily sniffs and chews the random stick laying about. Most humorously he has been spotted trying to pull an old alder or two out of the ground.  It's pretty funny to watch him play tug-of-war with Mother Earth!
Dog butt! There was lots of snufflin' going on this morning!  Apparently the mice are sniffalicious!
Aida does her Old-Lady pounce pose, apparently trying to tackle an unsuspecting Truman (for once)!
I think this is the first and only photo of me on this whole blog...
The Yellows, on the hunt for something exciting.
  Mulled cider is on the stovetop and I'm off to enjoy it!

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