Nova Scotia - Canada's rubberboot province

Saskatchewanians - have you ever wondered why you own a pair of rubber boots or an umbrella?  You're not alone. Just like you, I was once one of those people. Aside from pouring concrete when we built the garage, I can honestly say that I'd never worn rubber boots.... comfortably or otherwise.

But, I've come to another bit of understanding about Nova Scotia - there is a reason why various iterations of rubber boots are ubiquitous.  Seriously, it's because they are the perfect Nova Scotia footwear.   We currently wear steel toe, steel shank boots rated to -40 C.  I have put an extra layer of wooly thermal protection in the sole of my boots to keep my feet extra toasty. 

I can sashay in the snow, and not worry about my pant cuffs getting wet. I can saunter through a stream and be unconcerned with frozen footy digits, tiptoe through the hawthorns with unperforated immunity or flounce along the shore with nary a care about soggy socks.  In town, at the farm, on the beach - galoshes are where it's at!

Maybe next pair will be the fancy-pants pair from the Annavale Co-op Country Store!

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