Tumblin' along, with the tumblin' plastic bag...

Quite a windy pre-sunrise morning!  The full moon is still shining and the wind is whipping over the roof and into the meadow.  Laying in bed I was watching the week-old snow roiling in the meadow by moonlight.


Easy like a Sunday mornin'

We awoke this morning to a fine dusting of snow wafting straight down, making the cloudy skies bright.  A bit of a sleep-in was enjoyed by all. The boy has breakfasted and is now happily marinating in the bath tub, where he has been for over two hours.

Let it snow...

A few crummy snaps on this snowy Sunday morning.


A night at the Evergreen...

Kookum and Mooshum invited us for dinner tonight, and we had my new favourite dish - Kookum's mac 'n cheese, made with love! I don't know how she does it, but that is the best mac and cheese I've ever had in my entire life.  With a fresh green salad and her secret dressing, I reveled in the tastiness of it all.


The boys...

Here's a video of the "boys" playing together.

Phew... it's soooooooo hot here!

Sure, it might be cold and crappy in Saskatchewan, but look at what we have to put up with here in Nova Scotia!

Sweet relief!

Yesterday we were finally hooked up to the internet.  I know this comes as a tremendous relief to Laura, who harboured this one final anxiety - to the point that she couldn't sleep on Tuesday night. And when she did finally drift off, her dreams were poisoned by the worry.


When I was a child, we sometimes went to a pre-xmas craft fair called "Wintergreen".  While living back in Regina as an adult, I had the opportunity to go to Wintergreen once again.  Gone were the halcyon days of my childhood whereby I would gaze upon the wonderful collection of handmade trains, trucks, plush bears, genuine homemade sock monkeys, blocks and other assorted delights.  In fact, I was truly disappointed in Wintergreen - so few handmade toys and a lot of very expensive art.


Home again, safe at last!

My tiny family has safely joined the household. They arrived on Sunday and are settling in quite nicely.


A vid of The Lookout.

I think the library has their uploading throttled, as it takes a while for vids to upload. But here is one from when Mom was here.  It's a  late-autumn view from The Lookout, near Blomidon Provincial Park.


It's a beautiful sunny day today, although a bit breezy.  So, I took this opportunity to take a few photos of the house.  The cleaners are in, so there's some debris laying about (and odd shadows!), but you'll get the idea.

I have power, I have heat, I have water who could ask for anything more?

As Orion's ever westward chase fades into another glorious dawn, I stood out and listened to the morning chorus of birds and the faint chatter from the brook below.


Thank doG!

Warning: This is a political post.  I promised myself I wouldn't do this, but my excitement can hardly be contained this glorious morning!

I was almost moved to tears this morning when I heard the news out of the US.

Another term for Obama, three more states to legalize same-sex marriage (Maine, Maryland and FINALLY Washington State).  I can't believe it!

In other news, spent a chilly night up at the house, but things are going well. The dogs and I were snug as bugs in rugs as the temp dipped to -6C last night.  Just before midnight I called Laur to see how the boy was doing (he's got a wicked cold, but otherwise fine) and was delighted to see the stars shining through the window.  After the call, I stood out on the deck for a few minutes and stared in wonder at the glorious Milky Way.  I can't tell you the last time I saw the MW.   Although I can see the lights from a few homesteads twinkling across the valley, the lights from our neighbours are all obscured by the trees - even in fall, when the leaves have dropped.  With the sound of the creek down below, it makes for an incredible sense of solitude.

And, finally, the most important announcement of all - HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to our beautiful son! 

Photos of the house, coming soon (as soon as I get a connection from which I can upload).


Simple pleasures!

Truman had a bit of an adventure today.  I noticed yesterday that his eye was getting a bit red, so I stopped by the vet. Luckily they fit me in only a half hour later.  Tru Blue had a thorn in his eye! Poor guy!  They kept him, put him under and removed the "plant material" form his right eye.  He was out in two hours. Although he's still a bit groggy as of writing tonight, his eye already looks so much better!


Today's work.

The following photos represent approximately 8 hours of work (for the neophyte woodcutter)!

It was a dark and stormy night...

Well, All Hallows Eve was a rather beautiful night.  It started out rather blustery, with a few periods of downpouring.  However, I was awakened during the night by a light shining on my face.  Much to my surprise, the clouds had cleared and a big bright moon was shining down into the room.  It was about midnight, and I took the opportunity to get up and water the dogs.