I've started work on a new project.  After ogling the pattern, reading, re-reading the blog for several months, and despite lacking any real sewing experience, I'm going to dive right into making this anorak.

I've been searching the interwebs high and low for an affordable military surplus (100% wool - only the best) blanket, one that is not only cost-effective but won't break the bank on shipping.  It's surprisingly difficult to find these blankets under $35, and because they are quite heavy, they generally attract hefty shipping charges as well.  And so, I began the coat by making a prototype from a cheap dog blanket.  This is an unusual step for me, as I usually dive head first in to a project, completely muck it up, then immediately lose interest as lack of skill and foresight detract from the pleasure of creating something.

Nonetheless, I began working diligently on making my own pattern from the instructions, cutting it out from some repurposed packing papers.  I taped each edge to prevent wear, and set about the task of cutting pieces from the green fleece dog blanket.   In order to prevent me from losing interest, I complete one step each evening.  The first evening was drawing the pattern. The second was spent cutting it out and taping the edges.  The third was pinning the pattern to the fabric, etc.

I had almost lost motivation yesterday when Laur began researching surplus stores in the area.  She announced that there was indeed a store in Aylesford.  Oh happy day!  Boy and I toodled off to Aylesford after school today and I reveled in all of the Canadian Military surplus piled and hung and squished and shelved and boxed all over the store!

As luck would have it, they had two CF wool blankets left. They were not in the best condition, and as such the clerk gave me a discount.  I bought one blanket ($15) and an old field hat (or Gilligan hat, as was noted on the box).  Come to think of it, I think she gave me the hat for free... because my total was only $16.  It was fun to poke around in all of the old olive drab stuff and I hope to get back there sometime with out the boy, at which time I can really spend some time looking around.

And with my project back on it's rails with new enthusiasm, I began pinning my prototype together this evening.... at which time I realized I'd pinned the wrong pieces together.  Correcting this simple error and getting down to the sewing bits will be tomorrow night's work. I'll also include some photos at that time.

I shall soon be on the hunt for a good length of canvas...

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  1. can't wait to see the fruits of yor labor. Love you Mom