Sunday Drivers

Sunday Drivers was Sunday Walkers today.  A few inches of snow fell yesterday which is totally drivable in an emergency, but is not something we want to go for a recreational drive upon this morning.  Besides, it's supposed to get to +9 today (it's already +8 as of writing) and a walk is much better for the body.

So, we headed off in search of the property line.  I can imagine this is difficult in the best of seasons (summer), but in the snow it was an entertaining adventure.  We found a few old fences which had been knocked down by time and logging machinery, but on the whole it was a two-hour bust.

When we bought the property, the seller mentioned as an aside that there was a bit of a disagreement with the neighbour about one of the boundaries.  I think we'll have to approach the neighbours and see if they want to go in on a survey of the south line because it's over a kilometer long and rather cost prohibitive. However, it would be nice to know exactly where the south and east lines lie. 

At times the snow was thigh high on me, and this made the going difficult for the boy.  Couple that with random streams/brooks/puddles and both he and I lost a boot at different times.  Truman had a blast, bombing around, snuffling about.  If you're looking for Truman on our walks, it is most helpful to remember that it's his butt you are looking for.   He spent most of his time butt-up, snuffling under the snow for tiny-mammal goodness.

Speaking of Truman, he absolutely despises water and will go to desperate measures to avoid dipping his tiny doggie toes in the wet-stuff, as this video demonstrates.

He will usually do some sort of weird crow hop across the brook, but this time he thought the "Skippy-John-Jones" approach worked best.  His bridge gave me a heart attack though, as I had visions of him slipping off and impaling himself on a broken branch sticking up.  Thankfully this was not the case.

I didn't take my camera with us, but Laur did take one photo - the house from Three Sisters Brook.

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