School Cancelled

School is cancelled today, due to blowing snow.  This was not reported on the CBC website, so we were out waiting for the bus, when a nice person stopped and told us about the cancellation. Had they not stopped, we'd still be out there waiting.

It doesn't seem like a very stormy day, in fact it's quite mild compared to what we're used to.

On the CBC website which normally posts school cancellations, there is toll-free number to report such events.  Upon calling the number, it transferred me to two non-operating voice mail boxes, then said it would transfer me to an "attendant".  The attendant was non-operating as well, and hung up on me!

I called the school, just to be sure.  I guess I have to listen to the icky 80s rock local radio station to get the school updates. But with the weather seeming perfectly normal to us, whodda thunkit?

Oh well, here we are, at home, hanging with our homies.  I guess we can head out and do groceries together...

I wonder what happens to all the cancelled school days? Do they tack them on at the end of the year?

In other news, gas is $0.95/litre right now in Regina! I think we're paying close to $1.30!

1201hrs - Update

Once again I am forced to eat my words about Nova Scotia weather. It would seem that RCMP have closed HWY 101 between New Minas and Berwick as there had been 7 accidents reported between 730am and 930am.  Apparently snow was blowing so hard that visibility was severely diminished.  That, and cars were following too closely to one another.

 On my way home from the grocery store, CBC reported that the highway was due to open before lunch time.

Crazy. I should just learn to heed the advice of those in the know!


  1. A little blowing snow never cancelled school for us. Actually here, schools dont close, buses stop running, so that if a kid didn't know school was cancelled due to weather he isn't locked out with no where to go.
    So I dont know what happens to those days. I did get 2 snow days in University, and they were just gone. No make up... that I remember.

  2. Apparently the blowing snow caused all kinds of problems on the main highway... what seems perfectly normal for us is actually quite dangerous here. I'm slowly learning that when you are given a seemingly frivolous warning in Nova Scotia, you heed it! This goes for roads signs as well as weather reports!