Tonight El Doo and I are sleeping in the tent... by ourselves!!!

Sunday Drivers Interupted

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Sunday Drivers broadcast to bring you an important development at Occidental Acres.


Plus 33% Gratis!!

Today's entry brought to you by "Three Days in One! THREE DAYS IN ONE!!"(tm).


Sunday Drivers - Crescent Beach redux

I'm a little behind on the blogging of late. I've still got two other events to share with you, but because Sunday Drivers is so darn popular, I've put the other entries on hold. 


Sunday Drivers - The Crummy Cellphone Camera Edition

This Sunday Drivers is actually a Saturday Drivers as Kookum wanted to come with us to the Annapolis Royal Farmer's Market.  Because I had not anticipated taking a lot of photos, I neglected to take my Pentax with us and was instead forced to rely on my phone's camera.


Sunday Drivers - Brier Island

Today we set off with a purpose - distance and magnitude! Oh yeah!  We packed a lunch, some snacks and set our compass for Balancing Rock and Brier Island.


The Fromagerie

Today we took a drive out to Coldbrook to pick up our sweet potato slips. That's right, apparently sweet potatoes grow in the valley here.  Late last fall we managed to get a few of the last harvest, and this year we thought we'd try to grow our own. Although after the deluge today, I wonder if anything will grow in this soup again!


The Nova Scotian Ugly Bug

I'm not sure if it's remnants of his Montessori days, when there were sewer crickets in the school bathroom, but The Boy seems to be in a sensitive period right now. And by "sensitive", I mean TERRIFIED of bugs!



From 15 degrees a couple days ago, to 33 degrees (feeling like 38) today and then down to 20 degrees in one hour! 

We just went from forearm-sweating hot to downright chilly in span of 90 minutes!