Time is the longest distance...

Tennessee Williams once said that time is the longest distance between two places.  Distance, be it physical or otherwise, is only the time it takes to get from one spot to another.

But that reminded me of something I read the other day, which suggested Halifax is closer to Europe than it is to the Lower Mainland or PNW.  In order to verify the information in the quote, I gathered  some figures together.  All distances are given in km.

Halifax to:

London, UK = 4620
Victoria, BC = 4475
Dublin, EI = 4170
Reykjavik, IC = 3355
Regina, SK = 3100
Nashville, TN = 2875
Chicago, US = 1960

Kinda blows your mind to think that we are closer to Ireland than we are to the west coast, and that it's almost as far to go to Regina as it is to Reykjavik, Iceland!

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