Sunday drivers

This week's Sunday drive was pre-empted by Mother Nature's party plans.  A little wind, a little snow and we're pretty much home for a couple days.  I've seen the DOT truck wander by a few times already, however we've no need to sally forth into the slippery unknown.  We therefore decided to go for a Sunday Sashay along the west side of the creek.

Along the creek is what the forest should look like (instead of the clear-cut mess farther up the hill) - it's grown from bare pasture over the last 45 years, and consists mostly of ash and maple, punctuated by a few spruce and fewer pine.  Of course, there's the odd hawthorn to keep us on our toes, but they are few and far between.


Joyful, joyful, joyful, as only dogs know how to be happy...

In preparation for the coming storm, I've decided to put up some stew lest we lose power.  I suppose we can still cook on the stove top, what with the propane and all, but I do worry about not having an exhaust fan.

Whilst prepping the vegetables the dogs, summoned by the telltale snick-snap of the knife on the cutting board, waited eagerly for their tidbits of fresh goodness. Tru was fine with the ends and tops of various plant material, but when I handed him a whole carrot he got rather befuddled.

The Fish Wife

By Cynthia Huntington

He will not see me stopping here, to see his woods fill up with snow.

Nova Scotia is about to get lambasted (I've been waiting to say "lambasted)! 

With words like "near-zero visibility" , "large swath of heavy snow" and "white out conditions" this could get exciting!  We're supposed to get 20-40cm tonight and I know this will provide some smug pleasure to any Saskatchewanians who have been following my blog.

Reckon I oughta bring in some more wood, lest we end up bustin' up and burnin' the furniture in our own private Little House on the Prairie moment.


Happy holidays!

Our booty from the (genuine) French bakery.  And when I say French, I mean these people are from France!  And boy do they know how to bake!  Not sickly sweet but rather just right.




Wow, that apocalypse nearly took my eye out!  I assume that because you're reading my blog that you've made it through the crucible and have come out unscathed - or at least with your internet connection intact.


It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

It's the end of the world as we know it.  We might not blow up or otherwise be terminated, but maybe, just maybe, the world is on the cusp of change for the better.  Once I can gather my thoughts a bit more coherently on the topic, I'd like to say a few things about Newtown.


Ain't no skool learnin' today, y'all.

The following conversation took place this morning.  Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

This blog started primarily so that our families could be brought up to date with the goings-on during construction and settling in. However, it amazes me at how many other people also read it.  I'm sure some of the information contained here-in may be TMI, non-sequitur and nonsensical for some. To those people I apologize!


"The Faustian Bargain"

The longest war: The shooting at a Connecticut school shows, once again, that there’s no end in sight to our lethal way of life

By Walter Shapiro

Sometime between the shootings in Columbine in 1999 and at a Tucson supermarket with Gabby Giffords in early 2011, Americans stopped uttering the pieties about “Never again.” Now we are heartsick, but somehow never completely surprised, when we hear the latest gruesome news bulletins from a movie theater in Aurora or a quiet elementary school in Newtown.


The sun will come out, tomorrow!

Thursday is supposed to be a beautiful sunny day, with a clear evening to enjoy the meteor shower.  It's also going to be a big day at OA!  Hopefully a new arrival will make her way down the driveway... stay tuned!


I am amazed at how calm the days seem to be.  Unlike Saskatchewan, here the wind is so gentle as to be more accurately called a "breeze".  Except for when it storms (and I haven't really seen one yet), the breeze rarely stirs more than the odd tree.

Sunday Drivers

We've decided that Sundays will be devoted to drive-abouts.  We want to get to know our "neighbourhood", and so we've decided to grab Timmy's bevvies and head out to the great blue beyond, a la Warshington-style.


Our house is a very, very, very fine house...

A couple of photos of the living room on Thursday afternoon, avec notre junk.

Waste not,want not...

If the Zombie Apocalypse hits and you find yourself short on whisks, just let us know and we'll find a way to get some out to you.  It seems we also have a lifetime supply of scissors and IKEA allen wrenches, if the need arises and you find yoursef short.