Waste not,want not...

If the Zombie Apocalypse hits and you find yourself short on whisks, just let us know and we'll find a way to get some out to you.  It seems we also have a lifetime supply of scissors and IKEA allen wrenches, if the need arises and you find yoursef short.

In other news, the O-Way (Oh-Eh? OA?) Inn has comfortable sleeping quarters for six adults and uncomfortable quarters for many times that, if you (and a dozen of your closest friends) have the notion of stopping by for a few days and nights.

It's been quite a while since I last posted and there is a lot of news to share - most of it is Boy News.   Before we even left Regina, we'd received a call from his new pediatrician's office to book an appointment.  That appointment came to fruition at the end of November and I am extraordinarily pleased with the visit.  The doctor offered to make referrals to the appropriate support professionals.  Upon departure I was cautiously optimistic at the connections which had been promised.

On Thursday that week, we had a meeting with the principal at his new school. In attendance at the meeting was the school's own Occupational Therapist and the Speech Therapist.  These are the same people to whom the pediatrician had already sent referrals.  Did you catch that?  They'd already received the referrals.

Friday morning I received a call from the PT's office at the local hospital, who said that even though the OT and PT will see the boy at school,  she'd like to set up an office visit just in case.  Is this not amazing?

Despite not yet having (read: making the effort to find) a family doctor, the boy has been set up with a pediatrician, O/P/Speech Therapists - most of whom already operate at facilities in his school. This boggles my mind.

So far, our experience corresponds with the unanimous opinion that "it's a really great school".  Incidentally, several people also mentioned a particular teacher as being stand-out.  We didn't want to get our hopes up, but as fate would have it, he's ended up with that particular teacher.

So, boy-kin started school and by all accounts had a very successful week.  He's apparently well-known in the school, as several parents and teachers (people I do not know!) have commented to me that Boy is really doing well.  The school pairs older students (5th graders) with the younger kids and walks down to the skating rink twice a week.  One of the 5th Grade teachers has taken Boy under his wing and makes a point to stop and tell me how well he's doing at the rink - despite falling quite a bit, the teacher points out that Boy continues to try!

After 40 days, our belongings finally arrived... the house is now back to being a giant mess.  However, this also means that our xmas decorations have arrived and we can now (finally!) get a big, beautiful Nova Scotia xmas tree!  I think our mantle will be ready this week, so we might even be so lucky as to have our stockings hung by the chimney with care!

 Although we've been working hard the past few days to get the house back in order, we have an adventure planned for today - the first of our "Weekend Expeditions".  Laur has done some research and we'll be heading out to explore a cheese making operation. We might even drop by the mush'oom farm, if we have time and can find it.

We've had some fantastic weather, with day and night time temps above or just slightly below zero (celsius).  All of the snow is long gone and it's even raining this morning. Quite a difference from Saskatchewan, where they've had a deuce of a winter already.  Boy, I can't get enough of Nova Scotia!

Here's a contrast for you - a NS public utility helps someone's pet, while a SK public utility accidentally charges hundreds of customers over $100k each!

This week also heralded the demise of Mooshum's piggies. They had a very good life in the woods, eating apples, rooting about and wallowing happily.   Clyde was done in on Thursday, and this weekend will be portioned into various cuts.  The female pig will wait until next week.  The hams and bacons will go to the smoker on Monday.  Like Kookum said, I know they had a great life and were spared a terrifying ride to a panic filled abatoir.  Thank you, Mooshum, thank you Kookum and thank you pigs.

WARNING - image of a dead pig follows the jump.

Mooshum has dispatched the pig and now takes a rosebud to singe the hair off.  It is currently hanging in preparation for cutting.

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