It's 0043hrs...

... do you know where your garbage can lid is?


So that was a Nova Scotia storm!  Between boy's sound machine making thunder noises, Laur snoring in my face and the wind blowing our garbage can lid all the way over to Port George, I had a hard time sleeping last night! To be fair, Laur was up most of the night retching - I wonder if that fabulous haddock I got from the local fish seller (monger?) for supper had been hanging out with the lobsters and scallops at some point, because she was sick, sick, sick, sick.

With rain and wind gusts over 70kmph last night, I'm pretty sure all of the snow is now gone. Which is good, because that will make it easier for me to put the shed together - today's project.  Not that I'll finish today...

On that note, whilst Laur and the boy are in the city, I reckon I'll set down to a nice lobster lunch!

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