Turn, turn, turn.


There, I said it.  You know, there are things about menopause that no one tells you. Sure, you can look it all up online, but seriously - who is going to talk new developments in acne acquisition?   Anyone mentioning that your body odour is going to change?  And what about lying awake at night, freezing, in your own personal lap-pool of sweat?  It's true! Even my ears were drippy!

And the mood swings! From goopy, weeping, sentimental mess to homicidal dishwasher in less time than it takes to throw a dirty, wet dishrag at the dog (no, I haven't done this - but in less lucid moments it has occurred to me. If only to keep him on his toes). 

My mother certainly hasn't mentioned any of this.  Mind you, I haven't specifically asked her about anything other than my new-found stink (she didn't know nuthin' 'bout that).

I guess it's some consolation to know that it's due to menopausal onset - that I'm not actually a odoriferous, spotty, half-crazed weirdo.

Maybe I'm just an odoriferous zit-face.

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