Happy holidays!

Our booty from the (genuine) French bakery.  And when I say French, I mean these people are from France!  And boy do they know how to bake!  Not sickly sweet but rather just right.

Laur has this on her FB page, but I'll give you the rundown anyway:

Clockwise from lower left - two loaves of rustic bread, apple-raisin-honey bread, whole wheat sourdough with figs and walnuts, a box of petit fours (yes, "petit fours" - they're French, after all) and our first annual Yule Log, coffee flavour. Yum!

I made this as a gift for myself.

There's a fire at the hearth, food and two delicious bottles of beer on the table, two dogs butt-toasting in front of the fire and Alan Maitland waiting in the wings to read Fredrick Forsyth's "The Shepherd".

Whoever and wherever you are, I hope you are sitting down to a delicious repast with the ones you love.  

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