I am amazed at how calm the days seem to be.  Unlike Saskatchewan, here the wind is so gentle as to be more accurately called a "breeze".  Except for when it storms (and I haven't really seen one yet), the breeze rarely stirs more than the odd tree.

However, I feel compelled to share our forecast with you today. This is undoubtedly the most complicated prediction I've ever seen.  I now understand why the weather is woefully inaccurate in the rest of the country - Environment Canada surely concentrates their magical meteorological powers on the Atlantic Canada!

It's currenty -1c, but will climb to 14c by tonight whilst transitioning from snow to ice pellets to freezing rain and finally regular rain.  How strange!  And people in other parts of the world joke about the weather changing every five minutes - it actually appears to be true around here!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow - at least for an hour or two!

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  1. Amazingly accurate forecast.
    I'm impressed.