Reduce, reuse, recycle.

This blog started primarily so that our families could be brought up to date with the goings-on during construction and settling in. However, it amazes me at how many other people also read it.  I'm sure some of the information contained here-in may be TMI, non-sequitur and nonsensical for some. To those people I apologize!

I woke at 330 this morning because the boy was calling me.  I'm not sure why, but he awoke and was a bit whimpery so I went in and tousled his hair for a bit.  After putting a couple logs on the fire (the house is still a fabulous temperature, but Aida appreciates some butt-burning by the fireplace), I have been left wide awake to think about trash.

Nova Scotia leads the country with regards to recycling - this is truly amazing when you consider places like Vancouver and Toronto which are many times larger (over twice and five times respectively) are "three R" innovative powerhouses.  Learning the recycling ropes here has taken us a while, and we're still learning.

Plastic - all plastic except stuff with uncleanable food residue and things like paint - is recycled.  Think about this for a second - that plastic wrap you threw over last night's mashed potato bowl? Recyclable.   That little bit of bubble wrap from the computer doo-dad you ordered from Tiger Direct? Recyclable.  The plastic wrapper from your newest Toffifee box? Recyclable. Even that bit of red mesh topping the wee crate of Californian clementines is recyclable, too. 

Paper - Of course we think of tossing in the newspaper and flyers (we don't get those anymore), but that bit of paper from the new toothbrush you just bought? Check.  Your Tim Horton's cup? Rinsed and check.  Snot rags? Checkerooni.

Each house is also given a green rolling tote and smaller under-sink tote for compost.  Compost!  I'm going to say that again - pretend you can hear me saying it with emphasis -  Every house in this province is issued a tote for compost.  Which is collected. By a truck. Every second week.  This blows my mind! Of course we use our own composter, but that compost collected in each municipality and county for other uses just blows my mind.  And it's not just plant matter that's collected - oh no!  Left over fish forgotten in the fridge? Don't throw that way, toss it in the compost.  Chicken bones gotcha down? Toss 'em in the green thingy.  Food residue on your unwashables? Compost!   Tea bags? Lobster shells (yeah, that's right, I've been eating lobster at least twice a month!) Check and check. Needless to say, the local squirrel is quite happy to dumpster-dive in our compost pile (and provides us with entertainment).

Have I told you about the squirrels here?  Four Nova Scotia squirrels would have a hard time making one Regina squirrel - they are so tiny... but I digress.

It's been a rather steep learning curve for our family, but we're getting the hang of it!  Each household can put up to 8 blue bags of recycling, one bag of "private garbage" (I don't want to know), and the green bin out by the curb - or road side, as is the case - for collection every two weeks.  All of this is included in your taxes. It's included. We don't pay extra for it. 

And apparently it's been this way for a few years now.

Another amazing Utilities and Public Service Contrast (UPSC) brought to you today by our sponsor, the City of Regina

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