Tractoring! Tractoring!

Welcome home, Bertie (Bertha)!  1987 Kubota L4150 (41 PTO HP, 50 Engine HP)  Like Gertie, she's German of Japanese ancestry.  I've already been scooping around down in the "circle", clearing a spot for my new chicken coop, to be built this weekend (maybe).

I will also be leveling a spot for the big shed/workshop (10 x 16) which will be closer to the house.  Once the ROPS is installed, I'll be using her to drag logs out of the woods - there are so many good, dry logs, just laying there from when the loggers went through.

To that end, she'll have a log winch and likely a splitter which hooks up to the three-point hitch.

Tractoring! Tractoring!

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