Joyful, joyful, joyful, as only dogs know how to be happy...

In preparation for the coming storm, I've decided to put up some stew lest we lose power.  I suppose we can still cook on the stove top, what with the propane and all, but I do worry about not having an exhaust fan.

Whilst prepping the vegetables the dogs, summoned by the telltale snick-snap of the knife on the cutting board, waited eagerly for their tidbits of fresh goodness. Tru was fine with the ends and tops of various plant material, but when I handed him a whole carrot he got rather befuddled.

Aida trotted happily off with her score, whilst Tru retired to the mat by the door and gazed quizzically at the bit of flora he'd unceremoniously deposited upon his front paws.

Poor Tru got lost at the intersection of N. Edible Avenue and Stick Street.

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