Tumblin' along, with the tumblin' plastic bag...

Quite a windy pre-sunrise morning!  The full moon is still shining and the wind is whipping over the roof and into the meadow.  Laying in bed I was watching the week-old snow roiling in the meadow by moonlight.

I'm not sure why Laur was up at 330 this morning, but I am now also up and sitting in the living room by firelight.  As one particularly large gust pushed it's way over the house and through the meadow I was alarmed to see a ghostly apparition floating in front of the house.

My surprise turned to disappointment, however, when I realized it was a blue bag containing recycled plastic which had made it's way from the side kitchen door, up the drive and eastbound through the meadow.


I am not about to go and get it right now, but I'm sure it will be unhappily corralled and placed at the top of the drive in time for pickup later this morning!

Free bird!

High of only -6C today, but forecasts of nighttime plus temps next week!  Kookum, Mooshum and Anthony will be joining us for supper this evening - our first official guests!

In other news, Tru and I went for a walk in the hills yesterday where I discovered cords and cords of nice sized birch (diameter of 10" plus) laying on the side of the hill. I'll have to figure out how to get that down, as it is well seasoned and needs only to be split - something that I greatly enjoy doing.

I'll likely end up bucking it to 16" lengths in place, then bringing the rounds to the logging road individually.  Loading them on to the toboggan will allow me to bring them down to the house, or at least to Gertie waiting at the creek.


  1. Your words seem like they are from a beautifully peaceful work. I can feel the relief exuding from the words. Relief from the clenched fist that is this city, this culture, this life. I surrender myself to be strung along like a gravitational pull to be open to more than the admiration that seeps through me. I yearn to create that same relief-to make it reality. The desire; the motivation; the courage brews....

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Anonymous.

    Please tag along for the ride until you are ready to make your own leap!