Home again, safe at last!

My tiny family has safely joined the household. They arrived on Sunday and are settling in quite nicely.

I've moved the rest of the wood from the top of the logging road, down near the house to split.  There is still a lot of wood left to cut, and I'll get to it.... I should have done it over the past couple of days, what with our spectacular weather and all (20 degrees!).  But, we have had a lot of administrative stuff to do, including a quick trip to Halifax to Costco, La-Z-Boy and a special buy gun safe, the last ones available only in the city.

The fridge arrived safely from Allen's and we have placed our IKEA order and ordered the sofa from Sears. We have only left to purchase a washer/dryer and freezer.  Oh, and a small tractor!  Probably something the same size as Grandpa's out in Imperial.

There is still some painting left to do in the living room - hopefully this will get done before the IKEA order arrives, as that order contains the bulk of our furniture. 

The guys at Allen's Home Hardware are amazing - they stored our fridge when it arrived unexpectedly early, they delivered it and put it in place for us.  And to top it all off, they're going to bring me a load of pallets (gratis!) to make the chicken coop/shed floor and walls and to start the cutesy garden fence.

The water was a bit rusty, so we ran the hose for a few hours and this seemed to clear up the well water nicely.  There is a fellow coming at 9:30 this morning in order to size up our water softening needs.  We might need a filter to get rid of all the iron, but hopefully drawing enough water through the well has cleansed everything nicely and it won't be necessary.

The boy has been grilling us about starting school, so we're taking this as a sign of his comfort level

All is coming together.  A bit of rain this morning...


  1. Pictures please. Glad Gus is settling in. He will be off and running. Miss you guys. I drove by the house the other day and felt a sense of lonliness. Do you guys have a land line as I would like to call. Loving your posts as it keeps us all up to date. Talk soon Love you much MOM

  2. Took you long enough. I check this thing every morning, afternoon and evening to watch for an update.
    You guys got out in time to miss our huge snow dump.

  3. We do not yet have a land-line, and I'm not sure we will.

    We'll try and get more photos, but it super sucks not having internet at the house (yet). I'll try and keep the blog more frequent - lots of work to be done! My next project is making a combo chicken coop/garden shed. Stay tuned.