Phew... it's soooooooo hot here!

Sure, it might be cold and crappy in Saskatchewan, but look at what we have to put up with here in Nova Scotia!

Ninety-two Fahrenheit!  That's like 33 real degrees!

Ok, that's what you get for buying a Dollarama-ding-dong thermometer.  I think it was really only (plus) 10 degrees Celsius.

In all seriousness, the house is tight!  We had our energuide test today, and the fellow administering it gave us an 83 right off the bat.  We're shooting for an 85, however, and with the heat pump and waste-water heat recovery system, we should be able to get that number.  Pat (the energuide guy) was rather excited about our air-exchanger which pre-heats the air!  

We also found out that we have R-55 insulation in the ceiling.  This is also good news!  In fact, we haven't needed heat at night, despite temperatures hovering around -5/-6 celsius.  According to Environment Canada it's 3 degrees outside right now, and Pat measured 25.5 degrees in the house - all of that is solar gain.  In fact, now that Pat is finished I've opened three windows.

 A safe, healthy family (including a very happy spouse), two fantastic dogs, two great (paid-for) cars, food in the pantry, ninety-seven acres, brand-new super efficient house.  Who could ask for anything more?

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