I have power, I have heat, I have water who could ask for anything more?

As Orion's ever westward chase fades into another glorious dawn, I stood out and listened to the morning chorus of birds and the faint chatter from the brook below.

After spending yesterday battling hawthorns - two of which pierced the sole of my rubber boots before I changed into my steel shank work boots - pruning trees and removing over grown alders in an attempt to securely fence a dog area, a steaming hot bath was ever so relaxing.   With my skin pink from the heat, I spent the better part of an hour in the relaxing steam.

Despite being devoid of inhabitants and belongings, the house is starting to feel like home.  I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my small family, who spent the night just outside of Binghamton, New York.  They made good time from Chicago, and are hoping to make it to Woodstock, NB by nightfall this evening.  Laur and I briefly discussed whether she should take the ferry from St. John on Sunday morning.  I think this is a great idea - it would not only cut 3 hours from driving, I think they would both enjoy the journey across the Bay.

This would put them home around 1:30pm on Sunday.

A photo of NS Power doing an after-hours hook up the other night.  A truly momentous occasion!
We will not yet have propane or internet upon their arrival, but arrangements are being made for the temporary installation of gas if more wet days lie ahead.  As for internet, Laur has an air-card to connect her to work for up to a couple of months, if needed.  As for me, I will continue to use the library or Timmy's.  Although neither of these locations lend themselves to speedy uploads, I will be supping with Kookum and Mooshum tonight and hopefully be able to upload some photos from there.

The cleaners are up at the house this morning, doing a final clean before turning the house over to us.  I'll be sure to get some photos of our lovely fireplace at that time.

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