It was a dark and stormy night...

Well, All Hallows Eve was a rather beautiful night.  It started out rather blustery, with a few periods of downpouring.  However, I was awakened during the night by a light shining on my face.  Much to my surprise, the clouds had cleared and a big bright moon was shining down into the room.  It was about midnight, and I took the opportunity to get up and water the dogs.

The night was warm and calm, and as I stood on the deck (you will not be surprised to know that I was sans pants), I could hear some crickets chirping quietly and lazily.  What an amazing moment.

Upon waking this morning, the morning mist drifted through the low lying areas and I heard coyotes chirping and howling their morning greeting.  As I conducted my morning ablutions I watched the sun slowly rise as the moon set behind me.

I am so thankful for such an amazing start to my day.

I'm thinking that I'll fence a small area on the lower area near the house. That will give the dogs a bit of sniffing room, although they'll need to be on leash to get to it. 

Today's duties include making calls, doing laundry and cutting wood.  I have also been at a loss as to where to make the (temporary) dog area.  As I was stacking wood for cutting, a piece rolled down the hill. Naturally I set off to retrieve it.  I made my way to the bottom of the house, by the back door, and then out into the mud field.  I took a couple steps, got the piece of wood and started back up.

You can imagine my surprise when I sunk into the mud up to my knee!  I had to laugh, as I immediately recalled a very similar experience as a young girl whereby I had to be rescued by Uncle Ken after loosing my boots in the mud.  Alas, no Uncle Ken to rescue me yesterday and I had to make my way out myself.  It's a good thing I got some inexpensive rubber boots from Crappy Tire yesterday, as my work boots are taking quite a beating.  Rubber boots or not however, I ended up with a boot full of muck!  Needless to say, today is laundry day!

I've put about six hours into the wood pile, and I think I've probably got 1/4 cord to split.  I'll be cleaning out the back seat of the truck (again) today, so the dogs can be in the cab with me.  That way I'll be able to give their quarters a good drying out and use it to grab some wood from the top of the logging road before the rains begin again this aft.

By far the most difficult wood-related task I've had to do was cutting and moving a very large section of spruce.  Looking at this old grandmother, I can only imagine how magnificent she was, standing in her place for almost a hundred years.  It's amazing to look at the growth rings and see how the dry years alternated with the wetter ones.  I'm a little sad that someone took her down, but thankful that she'll provide some heat to our family.  That said, she's going to be a deuce to split!  I'll take some photos once it gets a bit brighter outside.

I sure hope the boy's Newt Suit still fits him, as that and a good pair of rubber boots are going to be the only things to keep him warm, dry and clean up at the mud-pit homestead! That way, all we'll have to do is hose him down after playing in the mud.

It's supposed to get up to 16 today, but this weather is going to break and the forecast says we'll be getting into single digits tomorrow.  Perhaps I'll swing by CT again and see if there are any small space heaters on sale - to dry out the truck bed and give me a bit of heat in the room tonight.

All in all, a great start to another busy day.

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