Simple pleasures!

Truman had a bit of an adventure today.  I noticed yesterday that his eye was getting a bit red, so I stopped by the vet. Luckily they fit me in only a half hour later.  Tru Blue had a thorn in his eye! Poor guy!  They kept him, put him under and removed the "plant material" form his right eye.  He was out in two hours. Although he's still a bit groggy as of writing tonight, his eye already looks so much better!

Poor Troodle!

This evening, I find myself benefitting from the gift of having friends like Kookum, Mooshum and Anthony!

Tonight was fantastic - I was treated to a very generous and tender steak provided by K & M, bbq'ed to perfection by Anthony.  With cauliflower and cheese sauce as a side, it was a most delicious and filling meal!

Topped off by a nice hot shower - what a luxury! So simple! All this and internet, to boot!

Tomorrow I'll likely be able to sleep in - I've been setting my rooster for 630 and trying to get cleaned up and out before the workers start their day. 

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