Let it snow...

A few crummy snaps on this snowy Sunday morning.

A dark snowy morning.  The snow flakes drifting down lazily with the temperature hovering around zero celsius.  Not a lick of breeze is blowing. It's altogether peaceful.

Doggy happiness on their new livingroom cozies. They are unruffled by the lack of mantle. They are also seemingly unaware that their butts are practically on fire from the heat pouring out!

Our new sofa/bed with the new receiver on the coffee table.

Boy happily eats his morning muffin - pleased to finally be sitting on a chair at a "reg'lar" table.

Book shelves and cabinet.

The favourite chair!  And my birthday Lego bus partially assembled on top of the dining light - unmounted due to the lack of down rods, which have subsequently arrived.  We lack only a couple of area rugs, to be carefully selected to provide a splash of colour.

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