It's a beautiful sunny day today, although a bit breezy.  So, I took this opportunity to take a few photos of the house.  The cleaners are in, so there's some debris laying about (and odd shadows!), but you'll get the idea.

While at the house I had to open some windows, as it was pretty darn warm in there - despite it only being 5C outside! It is a beautiful day on the entire Eastern Seaboard, and perfect for the rest of my little family, who are on the road today!

The finished deck, complete with my towel drying on the rail.
3/4 cord of soft wood, with more at the top of the hill to split.
3/4 cord of hardwood. And a smidgen of ugly dog fence. The rest of the fence is pretty good, but I didn't know how I wanted to do up the last bit, and so snow-fence it is!
Fireplace masonry, front and centre.
FP from the left.
FP from the right.
My favourite FP stone.
Kitchen from dining rom.
Another view of the "buffet".
Dee dubya and sink.
Other side of the kitchen, with fridge alcove.
Standing near the end of the peninsula.  The white film on the exhaust fan to be removed.
As if you were standing there chatting with me while I made supper.
The dining room and heat pump - which puts out a fabulous amount of heat, also doubles as an AC unit.
Living room wall, where a large bookcase with glass case will house the new stereo. I can't wait to hear our new system!  The trim has not yet been completed, as the "French" pocket door is due to arrive on Tuesday.  "French" in this case, will be a single opaque light. 
Master bedroom, with fan.
Master bedroom, view to the closet which leads to the master bath.
Boy's room... it kind of looks lavendar, but is more like powder blue.
The boy/guest bath.  I have yet to put the drawers on the vanity.  These vanities caused the plumbers a great deal of anxiety.
Did you know that Rebecca Caine is singing at the Evergreen Theatre tonight? Completely amazing, right?  I am looking forward to many more entertaining shows at the Evergreen!

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