When I was a child, we sometimes went to a pre-xmas craft fair called "Wintergreen".  While living back in Regina as an adult, I had the opportunity to go to Wintergreen once again.  Gone were the halcyon days of my childhood whereby I would gaze upon the wonderful collection of handmade trains, trucks, plush bears, genuine homemade sock monkeys, blocks and other assorted delights.  In fact, I was truly disappointed in Wintergreen - so few handmade toys and a lot of very expensive art.

Today we had the opportunity to go to the Acadia Craft Expo, held at the Acadia University arena. I was hoping to see the type of items I remember fondly from my childhood, but expected the craft fairs from my adulthood.

Boy, was I surprised.  All three of us had a great time with Kookum at the craft fair.  And the loot with which we came home was fantastic!

Food, toys, pottery, decorations, clothing, leather works, woolens, micro crafted wines and spirits, pickles, jams, jellies and did I mention food?

I coveted several pairs of handmade wool socks, but none were small enough to fit my tiny flippers.  There were also several wool blankets both Laur and I oggled with desire.

Here are some photos of our bounty.

We purchased a beautiful handmade cherry chopping/cutting block, 2 inches thick.  Two bars of hemp soap, microbrewed hotsauce, an amazing locally produced blue cheese, delectable hot pepper jelly (which reminds me of our good friend Betsy) and a deliciously fruity blueberry wine.  All items were made by local crafts-persons, artisans and cooks.

One item was of particular significance for me - there was a leather worker who made a special collar for Truman.  In the spirit of Petey, who wore a handmade leather collar from Switzerland, I asked the leather worker to make a collar for Tru. I chose four celtic adornments in the spirit of our new homeland.  The first two circles are knots, then a dog with knotted tail and finally a celtic cross inlaid with a red "jewel".  It was my favourite purchase of the day, and like Petey's Swiss collar, I know it will last his lifetime.

Oh, and did I mention that we started our day stopping at a genuine French patisserie? An apple-cranberry tart, chocolate eclair and raspberry mini-pie were split in three and shared between us after supper.  A ringing endorsement from the boy, who said that he "loved 'sert!"

All in all, another amazing day in Nova Scotia.

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