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Truman-the-Pooman is feeling much better today.  In fact, he ate his breakfast with unusual gusto this morning.  The downside of living in the country is that we no longer have to pick up poops (some might say this is an up side), because of this I have no idea what's coming out their back ends - usually there are tummy upset clues contained in their waste.  Oh well, he's feeling better and that's all that matters.  He's currently laying in a pool of sunshine pouring through the front windows.
In other news, Bertie is back! Sporting a shiny new ROPS, she's ready for logging!  Well, we're still waiting on the wood winch, and hopefully it will arrive before spring thaw.  That is also exciting because not only will I be able to gather some of those amazing logs left behind by the logging company, but the wood winch company also offers an assortment of colours to match Bertie.  So, my winch won't be the standard red and black of the company, but rather will be orange and black to match the Kubbie.

Thirdly, and not leastly (I made that word up), I got almost five yards of oilskin cotton duck from a local canvas guy for $9.00!!!  This stuff normally runs at least $9 per yard, and that's a pre-shipping price!  Ok, it's yellow, but who cares! That's a great colour for the woods - hunters shouldn't be shooting at a yellow thing moving through the trees!  I'm going to modify my pattern and make a canvas anorak for the boy.  I'll have tons left over (and Laur has refused yellow), so I'll make another one for myself! WOO!  NINE DOLLARS!!!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it's an amazingly lovely day.  Judging by the warmth of the sun and the smell of freshness out there, I think we've turned winter's last corner and are heading downhill into spring!

Even the crows are feeling more forgiving these days - they've gone from being a little cranky that we were tramping about their territory, to realizing that we put delicious things in the compost.  The other day Boy and I followed walking-crow tracks all over the front yard and back to the compost pile.

A crummy photo, but three crows were sitting there, watching me work in the back yard.

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