Paul Bunyan, redux.

School was cancelled yesterday, so the boy was home.  Good thing, too, because I took him to the hospital to get his wee foot checked out.  We were there for four hours, but the good news is that it's a soft tissue injury - the doc ordered some xrays and had a good look.  A bit of ibuprofen and some rest and he should be right as rain.
That poor left leg, already a bit wonky.  Perhaps that's why it was the one injured.

The itinerary today includes picking up our permanently disabled toboggan and wood.  I think we'll also scout out a low road for taking the tractor to get the rest of it.  Between driving the tractor as close as possible and getting a logging winch, I'm relatively certain we can get most some of it.  Either way, humping logs over debris and dale is not my idea of a good time - it is however, a good work out!

Stay tuned for photos of today's adventure.


I forgot the camera... no Paul Bunyan-ing today!  We got the toboggan, completely ripped it in half by dragging the wood out, cut the wood into fireplace sized chunks, loaded it and brought it back.  I'll have some splitting to do this afternoon, which is good because I need the exercise.

Maybe I'll take a picture when it's all split...


... or maybe I won't take a picture of the split wood afterall.  Man, my memory is fading! But, it was only 20 minutes of splitting, so hardly worth a photo.  Hardwood is so easy to split!

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