Saturday night's alright for snowing, alright, alright, aaaaallllriiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Well folks, its Saturday and you know what that means...  There may not be a Sunday Drivers due to precipitation.  Weather dood-guy is calling for 20 cms of snow. I even copied his FB status so you know I'm not full of it!

School will no doubt be cancelled on Monday at least, as the blizzard warning stretches through to the beginning of the week!

I started putting shingles on the shed yesterday afternoon, but ran out of time before the boy got home.  I'll be up there finishing the job this morning while Laur and the boy toddle off to gymnastics.  Stay tuned!


Finished the shed roof this morning - roofing paper, drip edge, shingles and flashing are done. The sun was out, the birds were singing and I contemplated wearing a t-shirt - oh the smell of asphalt reminds me of summer!   But my how things changed just after lunch - the clouds started rolling in, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped five degrees.  It's getting downright chilly out there now!  But, the door is completed and on the hinges (no threshold yet) and the roof is done. 

Let it snow!

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