Sunday Shovelers

Sunday Drivers was once again thwarted by the weather.  If you hadn't heard, a rather large storm blew threw yesterday and left us all buried. It's so hard to tell the total accumulation, as it would seem the wind blew it all the way to Nictaux.

But a couple photos should illustrate why we did not get out for a drive today.

Ok, so "not driving" isn't entirely true - I did hop up on Bertie to clear the driveway, but as fun as it is to drive around on the tractor, it doesn't warrant a whole SD post.

Thanks to Bertha, it only took a half hour to clear the driveway.  An hour of my labour and the deck is also cleared.  Shoveling the deck means the bbq has been cleaned off and is now ready to cook some lovely hamburgers for tonight's supper!


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