Gird your loins, everyone.

We're in for it tonight - so the weather peeps are saying.  Thousands of weekend events have been cancelled throughout the province.  It's predicted that we'll get anywhere between 30-40cms of snow overnight, with winds up to 100km/hr.  They're calling it a blizzard, but because I'm still not up on Maritime parlance, I'll take that to mean that this is a different type of storm than a Nor'Easter. Temps will hover on the "good" side of -10 tonight and tomorrow, with plus temps next week!
Kookum tells me this has been an unusually cold winter - and it's a bit disconcerting that temps can fluctuate 30 degrees in less than 48 hours! One day it was +12, a day and a half later it was -18!  Heck, we even had a +16 a couple of weeks ago.

Everyone in the valley was out picking up groceries this evening, presumably in preparation for a few shut-in days.   Even the bakery was slim pickins - by the time we arrived there were only a few loaves of bread left!

Wood is put up, food is in the pantry and freezer, we've got books and movies from the library and nowhere to go all weekend!  Maybe boy and I will bust out the snowshoes and take them for a spin on Sunday.

I'll take photos tomorrow morning, if we don't blow away in the meantime!

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