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After waiting with great anticipation, I finally received my patterns from The Rain Shed.

I'd ordered Cagoule (anorak), mitten shells and reusable grocery bag (like Land's End bags) patterns.  Last week the package of patterns finally arrived and I set to making the anorak out of the 12oz cotton duck tarpaulin I purchased from Princess Auto.

The cagoule came in three sizes (S, M, L) so naturally I kluged a monstrosity together with small arms on a large body.   I also made the jacket much shorter as I have no desire to wear an oilskin dress. Coupled with the fact that I'd already taken a small portion of the tarp in order to make a baseball cap (fail), I had to make a few extra seams - the one-piece front/back became a three-piece, along with the two-to-four piece hood.  Sounds like Frankenstein, looks like a million bucks!  In retrospect I could have gotten away with a medium all around, but with the large body I can be sure that my newly minted wool pullover will fit underneath.   I might go back and hem the body in a bit tighter, but I'm quite happy with the results nonetheless. 

In fact, I might make another just so I can do it the "right" way... (don't tell Laur)


Hard to tell from the photos, but the fabric is a deep coffee brown.  Marks you see on the front are tailors chalk, used to line up centre.

Being quite happy with the jacket, I've moved on to a set of mitt shells for the boy.  It's always seemed a bit silly to me that kids mitts are a one piece.  Yes, I get that it's just one more piece of kit to lose, but having a two piece mitt just makes sense - when the inner mitts get wet, swap them out and keep on truckin'   Anyways.... boy was quite adamant about having a pair of blue and black mitts, so we went to the fabric store and got exactly what he wanted.

I traced and cut the pattern this morning, cut the pieces and started putting them together this afternoon.

Left palm and thumb bits.

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