Sunday Drivers - the early edition

You asked for it, and now you have it!  Sunday Drivers took advantage of a beautiful Saturday in February and headed off into the wild blue yonder!

After ballet and gymnastics, the PS clan loaded into the family wagon and took off to Lequille and Annapolis Royal.  Annapolis Royal is the oldest European settlement in North America, and it has been continuously occupied since 1604.   Located close by are several National Historic Sites, including two forts.  In a Saturday preemption of Sunday Drivers, we spent a lovely afternoon lolling about the hills of Fort Anne.

Chestnut tree
Chestnut tree bark
Cannon detail
Cannon detail
According to Wikipedia, "Nec pluribus impar (literally: "Not unequal to many") is a Latin motto adopted by Louis XIV of France from 1658. It was often inscribed together with the symbol of the "Sun King": a head within rays of sunlight" - as seen on this cannon.

Underground at the powder house.

And this is why the cannon balls are firmly affixed to the ground. 

We also took a few minutes to visit the Annapolis Tidal Generating Station. It's the only place in North America which generates electricity by using the changing tides.  This was cutting edge technology almost 30 years ago, and yet it's still the only one!

This made me laugh! In French it says, "No Swimming, No Boating, No Peaches".  Yes, "pĂȘche" means fishing as well as peaches.
On the way home, we stopped at one of my new favourite places - the Lequille Country Store.  If LCS don't have it, you don't need it!
I am looking forward to visiting Fort Anne again when it opens in late spring - during that tiny slice of time when all the visitor centres open, but the tourists have not yet arrived en force!

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