It's a dog eat dogbarf world out there...


On our walk this morning, Truman was eating random mammal poops, as is his usual habit.  He must have gotten something particularly yucky (as if another animals stool isn't yucky enough) because he barfed, ate his barf then went on a frantic mission to find grass.

Now, I don't know what it's like in the dead of winter where you live, but finding grass here at this time of year is a challenge in itself.  With his ears back, looking quite uncomfortable, he trotted from tiny brown stick to tiny brown stick - not caring if it was grass, sapling or lintball.  
As soon as we got home he puked another three times.  I have him some Kao to help calm his stomach and he retreated to his kennel where he's been reposing ever since.  He did eat lunch, which has has so far kept down, and that's a good sign.

Poor guy.  Wonder if he'll make the connection - "Dood, that's some bad shit, yo".

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