The Canine Expeditionary Force is on the move...

The CEF enlisted extraordinary measures last night, and a key stronghold fell to their highly persuasive powers of cuteness.

Last night's latest dispatches out of Boudoir Acres, indicate that The Bed was conquered after long and arduous battle of wills.  Early reports indicate the illustrious and elite Hairy Canine Expeditionary Force used psychological operations to influence the local population.  These operations included such familiar tactics as "Doey Eyes", and "Doey Eyes" coupled with "Chin Rest".  The Bed captors' familiarity with these tactics have heretofore resulted in the CEF being successfully rebuffed in previous encounters.

However, the breakthrough came with last night's carefully crafted PSYOP deception - Operation Tiny Old-Lady Dog.  Looking pathetic and curled into a tight tiny ball on her territory beside The Bed, Captain Boopy played the epitome of dog-in-want while Cpl Truman watched from his sniper's nest concealed near the entrance to the disputed territory.

The Bed personnel should have been wise to this pathetic ruse, as it has been practiced in a slightly different context on previous missions.  These previous missions resulted in merely being covered by a blanket, rather than the desired invitation into The Bed stronghold.  However, for whatever reason, this last-ditch tactic was surprisingly successful.  Victorious sighs of contentment soon floated over the embattled landscape.

The celebration was short-lasted, however, as Corporal Truman voluntarily retreated from the battlefield a few hours later, presumably due to overheating conditions present.

Being the last dog standing, Captain Boopy was unable to resist the final push from undercover counter-operatives and was ousted in a moment of inattentiveness.

All was not lost in the retreat, however.  According to intelligence reports coming in, the CEF has also been sending out scouting missions probing the New Couchville defences.

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