The hurricane...

I'm not up to speed on what happened in the US, but my night last night was hardly remarkable.  A bit of a breeze and a bit of mist, but this morning it is 15 degrees here. I was out having a bird-bath in my t-shirt...

I'm at McDonald's, using their power and free wi-fi, and I can hear the noise of the television but can't see it.  I can't even really understand what they are saying except for "cold weather" and things like "no power" and "New Jersey".   I'm thinking Sandy hit the US hard...  So glad I'm not in a mega city without power and services.

I've been hearing a lot about the Bounty and crew, it was constructed in Lunenburg and the province is taking it's loss and that of the crew rather hard.

Anyways, the dogs and I spent a glorious night at the house and are safe and sound.  Today's duties include getting a wash basin, a new driver's side brake light, a second wash cloth and an electric light.  Kookum and I are also going to head to the library so I can get a card.  She kindly loaned me a bunch of books, as well, but my light didn't last very long last night. 

I'm not sure why I'm so dense, but there IS power at the house, I just need to string my 100' extension cord from the temporary power pole to the bedroom.  I've got a pig tail so I can charge my laptop, flashlight batteries and run a light.

Time to catch up on the news...

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