The hurricane, continued...

From what I understand, there's been quite a bit of devastation and a few deaths in the US.  How much more can that country handle?

We had our portion of the hurricane last night - with high winds and torrential downpours all night. Even some thunder and lightening, which I understand is rare in these parts.  It was nice to hear the rain on the metal roof - it was raining so hard it woke me up on a couple of occasions!

With all of that weather action for us last night, the house is dry and tight. I had a good inspection of the basement this morning and it appears to be bone dry - as it should be!

I spent yesterday afternoon with Kookum, and we went out to Connie's library. There I got a library card for myself and the boy, and took out a few books to read by lamp light.  We had a good perusal of the Salvation Army thrift store, and I got two crockery beer steins, made in West Germany.   Kookum picked up a few xmas decorations.  We also had a wee snack at the Eggplant Cafe, which joins the library.  I had a delicious piece of quiche - it was so nice to eat some real vegetables!

I can't wait to get into our kitchen and start cooking.   Cooking up some supper for my little family, with a fire burning and some jazz on our brand new stereo would be my idea of heaven, and I can't wait for them to join me.

Laur and the boy will be leaving Friday for Chicago, with Auntie Terri making the journey with them.  I think Terri arrives tonight, and I know the boy is excited to see her! Apparently he spent an exhausting day with Auntie Carla yesterday - visiting the Science Centre and carving pumpkins.  Laur said the boy refused stories last night (definitely a first!) because he said he was too tired!  Amazing!

Yesterday the carpenters were finishing up the trim, and there is a bit more to do today.  Aside from that, it looks like their work is almost complete. Painters are up at the house today, doing a bit of repair to some of the walls which have been knicked up, filling nail holes in the trim, painting the trim and doing a final coat of paint on walls.

Amazingly, the house is almost complete.  All that's left to do is some HVAC stuff (heat pump, air exchanger, water heater, well pressure tank, toilets, vanities and the rest of the finish plumbing), installing the kitchen sink (i think this will be in concert with the cabinet guy), a couple more light fixtures and the hearth and mantle.  It's all coming nicely together and I am extremely pleased with the work which has been done!

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