Has it really come to this?

It is 3:30 am, and I am lying (laying? in a recumbent position) in a dry bathtub, with my computer, a bottle of orange Fanta, listening to my snoring mother.

Why, you may ask?

Because I cannot sleep - I've been awake since 1am and it's not for lack of trying!  After laying in bed, sweating (it's TOO HOT in here and the A/C won't stay on!) for an hour, I decided to take Troodle for a piddle.   Then I decided that poor Gertie looked a bit saggy in the butt (don't we all?) and so I rearranged the back and put a couple things in the trailer.

After two long, stinky days on the road, I may have to re-evaluate our travel schedule.  Either that or Google Maps is on crack, because we can't seem to make an 8 hour day into anything less than 12.

Of course we stop for fuel and meals, but lordy, today we were actually doing the speed limit (65 mph) and we were going from 8:30am until almost 8pm.  This was supposed to be an 8 hour day!

We arrived safely (if late) nonetheless, and I'll not be speeding just to make time.  We'll either have to start getting up earlier (today's wake-up is supposed to be at 6am), or re-plot our way points.  I'll have a better idea after today - which is supposed to be 7.5 hours to Erie.

With Gertie now loaded to the gills with our two vanities, two sinks, two ceiling fans, several light fixtures an other assorted goodies, it might be even slower going.  She's a good girl and I want to do right by her.

Oh... and I locked the keys in the truck today.  Thank doG for AAA!


And so, another day of adventure begins! We're gettin' there!

Oh yeah, and my fish are still alive!

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