Early birthday prezzies for me!

Earlier in the week I had forwarded a list of possible birthday presents to Laur, in case anyone asked for ideas.  Her reply was simple - "These are all work tools, honey".   Apparently I'm not supposed to ask for anything practical for my birthday...

However, we were out running errands today when we decided to stop in at Canadian Tire to look at axes.  Although we have a heavy splitting maul/sledge,  I was hoping to get a decent wood handled splitting axe. Wood-handled so I can shave it down to fit my smaller hands.

However, we came across two bargains.  CT has clearanced out many of their seasonal items, including all of their Fiskars tools.  Although the axe handles are fibre-comp, the diameter and shape fit my hand quite well - it is much smaller than a typical hickory handle.   I had done a bit of research on axes by watching a few YouTube videos and reading online reviews.  The Fiskars came very highly rated for chopping design, weight, durability and cost - Amazon rated the axe at a 5-star, even after 230 reviews.

Upon discovering the sale, and handling each model the only decision was handle length - the 28" or the 36". Both felt comfortable and well-balanced.  I chose the 28" owing to my shorter stature. 

After selecting the axe, I was pleasantly surprised to look down and see a Fiskars billhook!  I believe it's called a "heavy brush axe", but is exactly what I've been looking for.  This tool is very similar to the traditional billhook used by hedgers in the UK.  Hopefully it will help me create some respectable hedge-rows!
Both items fit my smaller hands quite well, and I'm looking forward to sharpening and putting them to good use!

Happy early birthday to me!


  1. Fiskars... That's the same brand as my fabric and paper cutters. It's good to see them branch out. Lol

  2. Cuttin' is cuttin' I reckon... be cool if they made giant log scissors in fancy patterns!

  3. sure wish I was gettin them tools for my birthday, but alas I have no wood to be cuttin. Glad you are happy with it tho. Love Mom