A busy week has been planned.

Laura got an email from our GC this morning, indicating that the flooring will be delivered today and installed next week, along with the trim, kitchen and deck.  They are also going to finish the siding after the deck is up.  All of this means that the painting has been completed.

We had initially chosen 3.5 inch "spalted maple" for flooring, but because it's on back order we've chosen something a little different.  Another company makes a 5 inch plank called "wild pear" and I think this is a better choice.  The wider planks will not be as overwhelming in such a large space.

It's always hard to tell from photos, but I think the change is definitely for the better. Cost is the same (or less), it's a wider plank and we can stay on schedule.  Both products are "click lock" so hopefully we won't see laminate-drift over time...

In other news, we ordered the fridge from Costco and it was supposed to be two weeks for delivery.  Laur got an email yesterday saying it would be delivered tomorrow!  The GC said he'd receive it for us, and indicated he'd be around the office tomorrow so we're very thankful to him for that favour!

I expect he'll take some photos for us when he's there tomorrow. Can't wait to see the colour!


  1. To update: the frige will be delivered today instead of tomorrow.

  2. Really like the wildpear. good choice. Love mom